the Baron's Brouhaha

What is This? You are doing it again?

The Baron's Brouhaha II is a fun-filled weekend of camping, combat, and celebrating. The event is hosted by the Incipient Canton of Northgeatham (sponsored by the Barony of Ramshaven). The site opens Friday @ 4pm, Aug 21, 2015 and runs until Sunday afternoon, August 23. There will lots of armoured combat, rapier, thrown weapons and archery. The barn will be a great spot for artisan activities. For those wishing to participate, there will be a pot-luck feast on Saturday night. Bardic circles will happen on both nights. During the weekend there will be an ongoing game called Settlers of the Ram that will be easy to participate in. Prizes will be drawn on Saturday night.

The site is located on a 5 acre farm that is owned by Baron Penda and Baroness Sibylla of Ramshaven. Most of the camping activities will be centralised around a large barn. It will serve as a shelter from the elements in the event of rain or wind. It will also be a place for crafts and feasting. A part of it might also be used for rapier if the weather is poor.

The site has lots of space for camping, large scale melee, thrown weapons and archery. There is potable water available and the barn has electricity if you need it.

Site Location

Google Maps reports the site as being at 973 Concession Road 8, Tiverton, ON N0G 2T0. Click Here for a Google Map. The GPS coordinates are:
+44 18'34.84",-81 26'39.36"
You can get close to the property by travelling to Underwood (intersection of Highway 21 and Concession Road 6), then travel north on Highway 21 for 2km and turn right onto Concession 8. The driveway is 2km down the road heading East on the right. Look for a big black barn.

Site Fees

$10 per adult, kids under 16 are free (same fee whether you camp all weekend or day trip).

General Schedule

Fri Site Opens at 4pm. Bring your tent and get setup for a weekend of camping. As folks from last year know, it can be windy at the site, so make sure you can stake your tent down. This year we have moved camper between the barn and driving shed, which should provide more shelter.
Fri Dusk There will be much merriment, a large campfire, and a Bardic Circle for all that wish to participate.
Sat Rise and shine! There isn't a 'tavern', so you will need to bring food for the weekend. Tea and coffee will be available for free in the barn.
Sat Afternoon Lots of armoured fighting and hopefully rapier. The barn will be a great spot for artisans. The intent is to have both archery and thrown weapons.
Sat 5pm There will be a short court
Sat 6pm Informal, pot-luck feast in the barn.
Pre-Dark Ballots will be drawn for the Settlers of the Ram for the five prize categories.
Sat Dusk Wulfric and Wulfwynne will be having a renewal of vows ceremony.
Sat Dark 30 Bardic Circle at the firepit. Bring your chairs and gather around. Be prepared for a good sized fire!
Sun Penda will fire up the blacksmith shop for those who would like to give it a try. A introduction to bee keeping will also be done on Sunday

Armoured Schedule

Sat 11 The list field will be open for warm-ups and authorizations.
Sat noon We will begin with a singles tourney, the format is dependent on the number of fighters. The tourney will be fast paced and open to all weapon forms.

After the tourney combatants will move onto melees.

Rapier Schedule

Fri/Sat Still in the works (Don't forget to ask the Marshal for a Settlers of the Ram card)

Thrown Weapons Schedule

Fri/Sat Still in the works (Don't forget to ask the Marshal for a Settlers of the Ram card)

Archery Schedule

Fri/Sat Still in the works (Don't forget to ask the Marshal for a Settlers of the Ram card)


Fri - Sat Once again we will be running a card game called Settlers of the Ram. You start off with 5 cards, and can collect more by partaking in activities such as thrown weapons, classes etc. Trading cards is also encouraged. There will be four prizes that people can win. If you trade in three cards, you will get a ballot and can enter it for one of the prizes. Enter as many times as you like. Just before the Bardic Circle we will draw the ballots and announce the winners.

Prizes: in the works...

Class Schedule
Sunday Penda will start up the forge and interested folks can hammer out a small project


There are not a lot of rules, but please read these over:
We ask that folks do not dig their own fire pits on site, but rather use the large common fire pit and wood provided. Portable fire pits are fine to bring along.

This is a wet site, so BYOB and have a good time. There will be no departure from site if you are under the influence.

There are two honey bee hives on the property.
Bees are active at this time of year and focused on gathering nectar. They are normally not aggressive towards humans unless provoked. If you are allergic this is something to consider before attending. Barriers will be put up to caution people about the bees, but they will not be contained. Penda is happy to show people show the hives for those who are curious.


We ask that you please leave your pets at home.

Contact Information

Penda and Sibylla

Wulfwynne of the Blackwoods
Northgaedham Seneschal

Photos From Brouhaha 2014