Baron's Brouhaha the Third
What is This?
Baron's Brouhaha the Third is a fun-filled weekend of camping, combat, and celebrating. The event is hosted by the Incipient Canton of Northgeatham (sponsored by the Barony of Ramshaven). The site opens Friday @ 4pm, July 15, 2016 and runs until Sunday afternoon, July 17. There will be armoured combat, rapier and thrown weapons. The barn will be used for artisan activities and shelter in case of rainy weather. For those wishing to participate, there will be a pot-luck feast on Saturday night followed by a mead/brew tasting. Bardic circles will happen on both nights. Based on previous years success, we are revisiting the Settlers of the Ram game, that is easy to participate in and prizes will be drawn on Saturday night.

The site is located on a 5 acre farm that is owned by Baron Penda and Baroness Sibylla of Ramshaven. Lots of camping space is available around a large barn. The site has lots of space for activities including large scale melee, thrown weapons and archery. There is potable water available and the barn has electricity if you need it.

Site Location
Google Maps reports the site as being at 973 Concession Road 8, Tiverton, ON N0G 2T0.
Click here for a Google Map
The GPS coordinates are:
N44 18'34.84", W81 26'39.36"
You can get close to the property by travelling to Underwood (intersection of Highway 21 and Concession Road 6), then travel north on Highway 21 for 2km and turn right onto Concession 8. The driveway is 2km down the road heading East on the right. Look for a big black barn.
Adult Event Registration: $15
Adult Member Discount Event Registration $10
16 and under Free (same fee whether you camp all weekend or day trip).
General Schedule
Fri Site Opens at 4pm. Bring your tent and get setup for a weekend of camping. It can be windy at the site (as some campers know first hand!), so make sure you can stake your tent down. Settlers of the Ram begins when you Troll in.
Fri dusk There will be much merriment, a large campfire, and a Bardic Circle for all that wish to participate.
Sat am Rise and shine! There isn't a 'tavern', so you will need to bring food for the weekend. Tea and coffee will be available in the barn. Classes will be offered throughout the day. Please see the class schedule below.
Sat 10:30am The Pluck-a-Duck competition will begin. Please meet in the barn.
Sat noon Armoured combat and rapier. Thrown weapons and archery will be at the Marshals discretion.
Sat 1 ish Ram's Peak Tournament for Armoured and Rapier.
Sat 3 to 4 I Made This! Arts and Science table. Here's a chance to show-off something you made this year and discuss it with others who are interested. Please place your item on the table at noon and give people a chance to have a look before discussions start at 3.
Sat 4:30 Royal Court
Sat 6 Pot-luck feast in the barn (please include an ingredient list). We ask everyone to bring their food item to the barn, and we will all start at the same time after a toast by Their Excellencies.
After Feast Prizes will be drawn for the Settlers of the Ram game. There will be a lot more prizes/winners this year.
Sat Dusk Bardic Circle at the firepit. Bring your chairs and gather around. Be expecting a good sized fire! Mead tasting in the Barn. Want to show off your latest mead/beverage? Bring it to the table and share your trials and tribulations.
Sun Classes and head for home in the afternoon.
Competitons and Tournaments
Settlers of the Ram
Fri to Sat Dusk
From Friday to Saturday night we will be running a card game called Settlers of the Ram. You start off with 5 cards, and can collect more by partaking in activities such as thrown weapons, classes etc. Trading cards is also encouraged. There many more prizes this year! Almost everyone participating will take away a prize. If you trade in three cards, you will get a ballot and can enter it for one of the prizes. Enter as many times as you like. Just before the Bardic Circle, we will draw the ballots and announce the winners.
There will be lots of prizes! If you would like to donate a prize please contact Penda & Sibylla or just bring it to the event.
A&S Competition
Sat until Court
To enter the tournament, you need to enter two items that are of a different skillset from each other. Take as an example embroidery and cheese making. Documentation is necessary and may be submitted in advance to Cesare Ambrigino di Salvazzi. The winner of the competition will be come the Ramshaven Baronial A&S Champion. Final judging will be by their Excellencies and presented at court. There is no age limit. Although everyone is welcome to enter, you will need to be a Ramshaven member to win.
Sat 10:30am to feast
This is both an A&S entry as well as a competition. We have seven drakes to offer up, thanks to a donation by Laura Battista and Cesare Ambrigino di Salvazzi. It works like this:
  • You must enter a team of two
  • Ducks will be plucked, prepared for feast in a medieval fashion with recipes and documentation displayed.
  • Cooked duck can be achieved using the fire pit or cooking device of your choice. Note that the site will not be providing cooking devices for this competition. You must bring everything that you will need to prepare your duck. Suggestions include; roasted, stewed, in a coffin, smoked....
  • Feast ready ducks will be paraded to the feast table with vocal description. Recipes are to be displayed.
  • Competition will begin Saturday morning (time to be determined) and will continue throughout the day until complete.
Prizes will be awarded!
Ram's Peak Tournament
Sat 1pm
Inside the list field, in the middle, is the "mountain peak" which can not be fought across, only around.
  • First round Sword & Shield (heavy) / Single Sword (rapier). Every fighter for themselves- last man standing. Winner does not complete again until fourth round.
  • Second round Weapon of Choice for both heavy & rapier. Every fighter for themselves last man standing. Winner does not complete again until fourth round.
  • Third round Paired (random draw) & must stay together during fight. If one dies, both die. Sword & shield (heavy) Single sword (rapier) Winning pair move on to fourth round.
  • Fourth round The four winners of the previous rounds, fight to determine the winner of the tourney (each start at one equal distance from each other in the field)
Prize + the barony will have a 'dedicated cup' for both heavy and rapier. Each year's winner carry the Cup for that day/night. It is suggested the populous honour the winners of the tournament by never letting their cup run dry. After the day/night has passed, the cups are to be returned to the barony so that, the names and date of that years winners are inscribed on each cup.
Class Schedule
If you would like to teach a class please email
10:30am Whole Grain Beer Brewing Penda will do a hands on session on how beer is actually brewed from whole grains. We will make 5gal of India Pale Ale. The class will take 3 hours but don't panic, it is more like a 20 minute session each hour.
10am Recognizing Early Medieval Jewellery Mistress Asa Gormsdottir. Choosing the right accessories for one's clothes is fun and satisfying. Explore some famous Anglo-Saxon, Migration, Celtic and Norse pieces of jewellery and metalwork and learn how to identify some key styles, motifs, characteristic treatments, cloisonne types, preferred gems, and use of gold and silver.
10am No Loom, No Problem Fraye Blackwood will explain alternatives to looms.
11am Lucett Cord Making Sibylla will demonstrate how to use a lucett.
1pm Feather Paint Brushes Duncan Acheson of Clan Gordon will show you how to make period paint brushes.
2pm Beginner Lace Making Lucia de Moranza will explain how to make Lace
3pm Kumihimo Cord making Gwendyon Casgudcath will explain how to do kumihimo.
10am Beekeeping Penda will take you to see the bee hives and explain how honey is collected. Penda may open up a hive for those who want to have a look inside.
11am onward Blacksmithing Try your hand at blacksmithing with Penda. Make an S-hook, knife or whatever you like! Please wear closed toe shoes and non-polyester clothing. Some people prefer to wear leather gloves so bring those along if you like. A demonstration of welding can done for those interested.
11am Viking Wire Weaving Emer nic Aiden will show you how to do wire weaving.
We ask that folks do not dig their own fire pits on site, but rather use the large common fire pit and wood provided. Portable fire pits are fine to bring along.

This is a wet site, so BYOB and have a good time but be responsible.

There are honey bee hives on the property.
Bees are active at this time of year and focused on gathering nectar. They are not aggressive towards humans unless provoked. If you are allergic this is something to consider before attending.

There is a fish pond and it is much deeper than it looks. Please do not let children visit the pond unless supervised by an adult.

We ask that you please leave your pets at home.
Contact Information
Autocrats: Penda and Sibylla
519 368-0691

Northgeatham Seneschal: Wulfwynne of the Blackwoods