Canton of Northgeatham
About Us

Each of us in the group have an interest in medieval history. That might be seeing what combat training might have been like, or it might learning the lost art of naelbinding (what came before knitting). Others are interested in Heraldry, others in singing. Most of us have interests in many activities. Being part of a group allows us to learn those skills better by group participation and commentary.

At Northgeatham some of the things we participate in are:

Common Terms

Structure: Much as our country is broken down into provinces and municipalities, the SCA is divided into the Known World, Kingdoms, Baronies and Cantons. Northgeatham is a Canton in the Barony of Ramshaven in the Kingdom of Ealdormere in the known world of the SCA.

Meetings/Fight Practices take place in Cantons usually on a weekly basis. This is where local members get together and work on projects and hold fight practices.

Events take place all over our Kingdom on a fairly regular basis. Often these are held in a community center during the Winter months. In the summer there are several camping events to attend. These allow larger groups of people to get together from all over the Kingdom. You can see what is coming up on the Kingdom Calendar. Attending events requires that you wear medieval clothing and usually pay an entrants fee.

Garb is the common term for medieval clothing. This can range from 600AD to 1600AD. It is a very wide range of clothing that you see at events.

Personas are a persons time and place in medieval history. A person might take on the persona of a 7th century Anglo-Saxon. They would then spend some time researching what kind of clothing would be appropriate for that time period and wear that. Some people have several personas- other's don't have any. You may also create your persona's history if you find that interesting. Just becasue you have a persona, does not mean that you role-play in that fashion. The SCA doesn-t do role playing- we talk and behave pretty much like modern people.